Get paid To Promote at any Location Handphone: Cara Memperbaiki Ponsel Sony Ericsson

Senin, 14 Desember 2009

Cara Memperbaiki Ponsel Sony Ericsson

BRAND phones circulating in Indonesia is now quite a lot. Each brand has its own characteristics so that the problems and damage is also always different. For this edition, Vehicle Mobile will give you tips about common problems in Sony Ericsson mobile phone output. At Sony Ericsson, the damage most often occurs in the joystick device. As a result, hard-operated phone.

Joystick and keypad Sony Eicsson J300 and J200
Try drawing your attention the joystick on J300 mobile phone below. IC Joysticknya must first pass that will only be processed by the CPU. If you find a case like this and find IC that regulates or controls the joystick broken, perhaps because they fell or because of mistakes you do, do not panic. Because, recipes overcome our keruskan will lay out the joystick. IC controls on the joystick did you should pull it and follow the way of a jumper as shown. But, if joysticknya damaged, you should replace it first.

Joystick and keypad Sony Ericsson K300 and K510i
Basically the keypad and joystick lines on Sony Ericsson K300 and K510i same as any other type of joystick. It's just that there is little difference jumpernya techniques. If you understand a technique keypad and joystick jumper on Sony Ericsson phones, you will not have trouble, because they work basically the same principle.

Damage to the LCD on the Sony Ericsson J200
Damage to the LCD screen will result in 'blindness'. But, the blind phone only, not the owner. If the LCD damaged will result in discomfort when using it. If we want to replace it with LCD buying new may be very easy. But, if the damage to the LCD just because there are a few broken lines, what you have to buy a new phone? Too bad if the phone is still normal and damaged his only LCD.

Here will be peeled of the techniques or terms jumpers connect easily broken lines. After you check the path of each leg LCD connector and there was a break, you'll want jumpers.

Damage Microphone Sonyericson J300i
When the microphone is broken, meaning your phone experience 'silence'. You can perform the examination stage to ensure microphonenya conditions first. If the microphone is good, you try to follow these steps:
1. Remove the components that we have marked.
2. Jumper line at the foot of the control IC kondesator mic and line.

Damage Charger Sony Ericsson K300 and K750
Damage to the charger can be fatal. Because, if you're communicating with business associates and the battery suddenly been able to trouble. To fix this, you can see the image below carefully. Because, in this case there charger control components that must be revoked, then at the foot of the control IC of our jumpers.

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