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Jumat, 18 Desember 2009

Repair HP Sony Ericsson 2

If you look at the UFS-8 software for Sony Ericsson mobile phone, there are three software options, namely-8 ATRz UFS, UFS-8 RTP and UFS-8 KZF. UFS-8 ATRz is the option to repair mobile phone Sony Ericsson A3618 series long bleak, T100, T105 and others. Because they function UFS-8 to ATRz is to repair mobile phone Sony Ericsson type long.Notice on the left side, in the "Brand" series seen Sony Ericsson mobile phone that can repair a UFS-8 RTP. Run Software UFS-8 RTP, and as in alloys UFS-8 for Nokia mobile phone, you press the Connect to see the writing UFS Boot: Vxxxx. Note on the column after column of Brand, there appear the "GO", "RSA" and "PDA". The first that needs to know is "RSA". RSA is a protection software from Sony Ericsson, but not all Sony Ericsson mobile phones have RSA protection, especially the earlier series of Sony Ericsson mobile phone. For that, you should have at first to learn about RSA, when what must first press the button to UFS RSA-8 can perform repair work for Sony Ericsson mobile phone properly.

Sony Ericsson mobile phone that has RSA protection is Sony Ericsson mobile phone that has firmware version R6C up. How do you know which way that Sony Ericsson mobile phone that the repair will have a firmware version number? I know what firmware version Sony Ericsson mobile phone is to press the power button "ON" and you press: *> * <<* <* (* = star sign, sign> = button to the right, mark <= button to the left) became a star is to press the star button on the key pad mobile phone, and sign> is to the right by pressing the joystick to the right and the sign * <<* <* is the code to see the firmware version of Sony Ericsson mobile phones. If the phone firmware is R6C or above, then you must press the "RSA" to open the RSA protection but if the mobile phone firmware version is lower than R6C, for example, R6A, R5B or R4A most important is under the direct R6C you pressing the "GO". So the point is the "GO" for mobile phone Sony Ericsson's version of the firmware under R6C and the "RSA" for mobile phone Sony Ericsson R6C firmware version up so you can go to the Boot Loader software RTP UFS-8 to Sony Ericsson mobile phone so that all the other key functions of the software RTP UFS-8 can function to perform further work.
How to order software UFS-8 can mendetesi Sony Ericsson mobile phone to be in repair so that it can enter the Boot Loader RTP UFS-8 is as barikut:

* Run software RTP UFS-8 and press connect.
* In the column Brand select or mark the appropriate mobile phone.
* Hand phone that will be in a state direpair die (power OFF) without simcard
* Press the first button "GO" or "RSA" (according to the mobile phone firmware version)
* After pressing tonbol "GO" or "RSA" just plug the cable into the cable terminal on the mobile phone (remember the new cable installed after the button is pressed)
* By the time the cable is installed, you should see the reactions or the presentation of the software UFS-8 RTP that the software UFS-8 was medeteksi mobile phone, on the lower right of the software will look into the Boot Loader section of Sony Ericsson mobile phone.
If seen writing "IDLE" at the bottom right, it means there is no reaction or software can not enter Boot Loader section, you have to do is fishing in a way melapas battery and put back without pulling the cable from the mobile phone. Do this until the software RTP UFS-8 can go into the Boot Loader and detect and give a percentage. At this stage is sometimes a bit difficult, but you can do over and over how to bait him with removing and re-plug the battery into the mobile phone (note how this is done by not disconnect from the mobile phone, which off and put back the hand phone battery is only just ) until the software UFS-8 can detect mobile phone.

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